Upcycling Meets Generosity

We upcycle discarded items to make creative handmade pieces of art in an effort to be environmentally conscious. Our products are offered in the spirit of gift, without any price tags. We invite you to contribute from your heart and pay not for yourself, but for the person who comes after you. We are an experiment in generosity entrepreneurship, where YOU choose the price and 'pay it forward' with an uplifting message that co-create ripples of generosity that keep on giving!

Our Concept

Design Evolving from Degradation:

We have a passion for the environment and are deeply disturbed by the massive amounts of waste produced in our daily lives. WASTED is our sustainable upcycling experiment to address this problem and inspire others to live more sustainably.

Friendships Forged in Co-Creation:

We are a bunch of friends closely connected in our shared concern for the planet and passion for design. Our amazing friendships are strengthened when we voluntarily spend an all nighter painting, sticking and squabbling together! And we wouldn't change it for the world 🙂

Transactions Centered in Trust:

We have been deeply moved by the generosity of humankind. And WASTED is our attempt to pay it forward to the community around us. Our no price/pay it forward model is intended to deepen human connections through the expression of generosity and kindness.

Stuff We Do

We are an environmentally conscious brand that follows the 'Pay it Forward' model. Pay as you wish out of your own generosity and create amazing moments of human connection!

Meet our Team

We are a team of 6 youngsters passionate about driving change and WASTED is our experiment in generosity and environmental preservation.

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Follow our up cycling adventures of creating art from discarded items, including some of our favourite moments of human kindness and generosity at our market days.
Mar 0
Mar 0

A little more kindness; A little less judgement

One of the upcycled photo frames at the Wasted stand read, “A little more kindness; A little less Judgement.” That is exactly what we had hoped to achieve with the renewed energy of the new team. On Friday, February 24th 2017, the Wasted team was back to spread the magic of kindness at the Arte […]

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May 0
May 0

ARTE Market and some Amazing Encounters!

We were late (fashionably, as usual), but were extremely energised about the day ahead of us! Our very first encounter as we walked in and selected our table, was a man waiting to give us a donation of some beautiful wine bottles to upcycle – needless to say we can’t wait to start working on some […]

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